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Jun 12, 2019 09:17:04

Testing out gohugo.io

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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Yesterday I thought about condensing all my ever written material on one platform.

That means, everything on my very old Ghost (no longer publicly available) all on Medium and all here on 200wad.

I didn't get my medium export till I am writing this, so they will get added later. It is crazy how much content you gather over the years. Sadly my first Blog isn't available anywhere anymore. I really would like to republish them.

Without today and the Medium posts, I am at 77 articles, since 2014. 20 of them are written in German.

So I searched for a Platform to publish on, I thought about Wordpress again (I had so many Wordpress instances in my life).

Then about Ghost, I used it multiple times before, but never really got fully into it.

After that I thought, why not use a static site generator. I knew about Jekyll and began to search, as I saw a few people were migrating away from it.

Somehow I then stumbled upon Hugo. It was a breeze to set it up locally and I quickly started to migrate my posts.

As soon as my Medium export will arrive, I am going to add these posts also.

Now, that you are reading more than long enough, here is a link. But, be warned, I did not have the time to check the links, nor to do anything with the template or the old Blog articles. So there might be dead links, broken pages and so on. :)

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