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Jun 24, 2019 21:59:06

Television in the waiting room

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One phone responds to one person; one television responds to one group.  - my sister

There is a television in the dentist's small waiting room which is filled with a group of aged people over 60. As the only two girls in twenties, I and my sister felt kind of embarrassed fixing my eyes on the phone screen as usual. There has to be at least one hour to wait, so we looked up to the television as others did.

A television series was playing plots based on the stories happened in the second war. After 10-minute watching, anyone could understand what's going on and how's the relationship quickly. So we joined in the intermittent chattings naturally.  

"... what a silly girl, why doesn't she know the man she married is totally an asshole."

"Obviously, she would realize that in the future, but it seems that she has already been pregnant. During that time, it's unusually to get divorced... "

"What?! They are not a married couple, the man cheated the woman. Look, the ring is not the wedding ring ..."

... ...

Then an hour flew away soon.

When we went out of the dentist's office, my sister made a conclusion: "A television is necessary for a public room, no matter how an out-dated the plot is, people could get familiar with the story then chat about it in a short time. But a phone could just entertain oneself only. That's the difference. " 

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