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May 29, 2019 22:42:27


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I asked my significant other what I should write about and she said teenagers. The teenager in the house, her son, my stepson, is having a rare but very teenager-like emotional fit at the moment because he double booked himself against a family event tomorrow and is pissed he has to do the family thing instead of the workout he planned.

It is so often difficult to know the difference between entitlement and fear. That's because entitlement is pretty much the conjoined twin of self-centered fear. Fear that we're not going to get something we want, or in the case of entitlement, something we think we deserve. 

I guess in this case it's the freedom to do what he wants for the hour in question tomorrow. 

I wonder why he doesn't just reschedule his workout for an hour later, or hours earlier, or whenever...the school year ended today...he has literally the entire day to do what he wants, except for this hour-long family event. 

But that's not how fear works. It blinds us to the options, it blinds us to the broader context. It causes us to have emotional outbursts instead of just solving our problem.

I, of course, am a victim of my own self-centered fear all the time.

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