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Jun 13, 2019 22:33:49

Teacher, doctor, and lawyer

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Teacher, doctor, and lawyer are the three kinds of job that my parents regard as the best in the world. As far as they know, the careers of their richest classmates are not beyond the three.

Not surprisingly, when my colleague entrance exams finished, I was asked to make a choice between being a teacher or a doctor or a lawyer. The application form was filled quickly by my father and he was satisfied. Ironically, I was accepted by a major, transportation management, which he filled in for fun because he thought it matters nothing. 

Lucky me but not my two sisters, they are both teachers with low paid salary. My parents never hide their disappointment. After twenty years, their classmates at the same age as my parents are still rich, the children of them, whose careers are engineer, businessman, and programmer, at the same age as me are successful as their parents too.  My parents regretted.

They never talk to me or my sisters about our life and what we want to do. They never let us question anything. 

One day, my father was kind of drunk talking with an old friend. 

"You treat your daughter too bad, let her go, do anything she loves. " My father's friend was persuading.

My father, drunk in a low voice, "When we are young, the riches man are teachers, doctors or lawyers," he hesitated for a while, "I didn't change but not the world."

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