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Feb 03, 2019 21:54:13

Taking the Risk

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Otto Koponen

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Firstly, a catchup for everyone that doesn't know anything about my current situation: Hello, I am Otto almost 18 years old. I live in Finland and am currently studying at high school. Recently a new coding oriented school was founded in Helsinki called Hive, and it uses the Ecole 42 system for teaching (look it up, it's really interesting!). Anyway, I applied and got accepted into their 4-week test period where they will decide if I'm fit to start going to their school full-time. The test period starts 4 weeks before my next semester in high school starts so if I don't get accepted, I can go back to high school as if nothing happened.

I've had numerous talks with my friends about me getting accepted into Hive Helsinki to study programming. As I am still on the edge about it, I've talked a lot about it with my friends. 

They sure have pushed me towards taking the leap and going for it, and they have some stellar points. I already know that I can continue High School from where-ever I left whenever I want so if I decide against studying in Hive after like a year or so, I can still go back to high school. I also realized that if I decide against Hive after a while, it will still not be a useless skill. Coding is really important and I will almost surely work in a field where coding is important, so having some of the basics down definitely won't hurt. Just listing the positives and the negatives proves that the positives hugely overpower the negatives:

+ I can work right after finishing there (at age 22), rather than having to go to university after high school and finish my studies at 25 years old.

+ The Ecole 42 system definitely seems more like my thing rather than the more traditional system

+ They work with some of the top names in technology in Finland, and they are committed to taking some of the students for internships (Leading to relationships and maybe future workplaces)

+ I would graduate with 1 year of legit work experience, and with 2 years of experience in doing projects in a group

+ It would help me determine if programming and coding is what I really want to do in the future

+ Almost guaranteed a job directly after I graduate

+ Even if I decide to stop studying there, I will still gain knowledge about something that will most likely be very useful in the future for me.

+ The degree is highly respected in France and the US, where these schools have been founded years earlier. (They use the same system in Hive as in France and the US)

+ If it works out, it is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me

- I get no money from the government because it isn't a legitimate school

- Have to live at my parents until I graduate, they are fine with it though and I don't really mind either

- Have to commute to Helsinki, rather than studying in my hometown (45min by train + getting to the train station)

- If it is not my thing, I lose time and will graduate in my late-twenties rather than mid-twenties.

I really think it is worth taking the risk. The Negatives really don't even seem that bad and compared to how good it would be if it really works out, they seem so miniscule that I would almost be dumb to not go for it. I think I have made a decision and will take the risk unless something drastic happens.

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    @dotto good luck! Programming should be an apprenticeship, I think.

    Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Feb 03, 2019 22:29:55
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