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May 30, 2019 17:00:03

Tagore's Yore by @elangovanc

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Jan 29, 2019 16:08:14 @elangovanc

"He enjoyed nature and the sights, sounds that these wanderings."

I'm happy to pen this essay about R. Tagore. As a literature student my mind many times wondered about his stylish and linguistic approaches in his work. I admired one of his works 'Mukta Dhara' which reveals about water related issues.

only his songs in this world adopted as a national anthem of three countries namely India, Bangaladesh and Sri Lanka.

Mahatma Gandhi and R.Tagore are equally well known in India and abroad. His family addressed 'thakur' because they were landlords. Tagore was born in Jorasanko in Calcutta on 8th May, 1861. He was the youngest of the fourteen brothers and sisters.

Tagore 's childhood was not very happy. He lost his mother when he was very young. He could not meet or speak to his father frequently. He also developed love for simple peasant folk. He enjoyed nature and the sights, sounds that these wanderings.

He is novelist, play wright, painter, philosopher, educationist, freedom fighter and an actor. But above all this he is the greatest poet. His position universally recognized. He is voluminous writer. Besides our national anthem Tagore gave us famous Gitanjali, Sonar Tari, Puravi, The Cycle of the Sprang, The Evening Songs and The Morning Songs.

His infinity words always awake and invokes the national integration. 

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