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Jan 15, 2019 20:53:01

Sunday AM

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Dasha Pyat

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I arrived in the early hours of the morning to a small apartment building on a quiet residential street. A few friends of friends gathered outside in the twilight - shaking hands, sipping coffees, ready to tackle the task at hand. Although we were all excited, with every chore-like group activity comes a certain hesitation - wait, why am I doing this...

Society has coined such an event as 'moving day': a benchmark of contemporary life. We might experience it in early childhood, immigrating halfway around the world, or perhaps learn the ropes while going away to college. Yet the logistics involved of leaving the nest must be tackled eventually. In the process we discover the concept of messy roommates, financial responsibility, the space restraints of materialism, the lifespan of furnace filters, and the dependability of friendships on early Sunday mornings.

As we finally entered the small apartment our lot was ready to move, we realized nothing inside was ready to move. Is it common courtesy to have your belongings pre-packed for friends to hand-bomb out? Yet who really dictates what the courtesies in our society actually are? We laughed it off and packed things up, occasionally asking if the broken items were coming for sentimental value…

Moving gives a lot of people anxiety, and often strains their pocket books, but there are certain opportunities that come along with every geographical relocation: a chance to have a mental rebirth, a personality check, or a fundamental paradigm shift. It's a reminder to not stagnate, to keep growing, developing, improving and therefor welcome change. Whether positive or negative, at least you’re moving - so get rid of the broken pieces and always help friends along the way.

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    Wow this was really great. Hadn't expected it to be about moving when I read the title. I loved the theme of having friends you can depend on even on Sunday AM. That's a true kind of friend, or if you have them you are probably doing things right socially. And I love how you illustrate this without explicitly blurting such out.

    Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Jan 15, 2019 23:59:20
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