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Jun 08, 2019 18:55:15


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Cannot pump energy into my Saturdays. Just watch tv and hanging around. Already many Saturdays in a row can see this unwell habit. Fortunately still can do a lot on Sundays but sure I would like to have all weekend more productive (I don't really like the term productivity .. so not really productive just work on the side projects and have fun) .. just cannot help myself .. maybe still need resting after work week but I can rest when I die hehe. 

A lot of sports matches are not helping sure. This is kinda the bad side of being a sports fan. I just need to watch many games. :)

I have to mention the Raptors .. cuz if they gonna win the NBA title the people in Toronto gonna get crazy, I wish I could be there and celebrate with them.. just one last step ... sending all the best luck from Europe hehe.  Let's go guys.

... postponing also all my responsibilities... no wonder... it's getting to be a serious problem ... no, I am kidding I don't care actually haha.

... haven't earned a dollar yet .. if would be someone interested hehe.

Maybe tomorrow?:)

Have a nice rest of your weekend.


Stay with me. Efran.

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