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Dec 29, 2018 05:43:42

Stone Cold Assessment

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Sir Abe

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There are things I want to improve on, that require no hesitation on my end to want to improve. This doesn't mean these things are easy to achieve. It's just that it's a no-brainer, a simple goal to go for. 

There are things I do not want to improve on. Which I don't value. But people in my life think it important for me to. These are things that confuse me in the head. 

Do I have the wrong people in my life? Have I fallen into the trap of choosing toxic friends who want to bend me into a shape that fits their values without regard to mine? Or am I actually just too scared to change? Or too stubborn?

With the dead simple obvious improvements the hard part is not agreeing to strive for progress. The hard part is habit-formation. Implementation.

But life can't be so easy I think. There are these things that the people in our lives want us to improve, but we don't. We see it as an annoyance that just gets in the way.

The question at that point is whether you trust your self or them. At this point in your life, given the amount you've accomplished and impact you've made, and the overall progress made, can you trust yourself?

Even though it pains me to, I'm going to for the next period of my life trust 'them'. Even though it goes against everything my gut says I'm going to let 'them' have veto me. Not because 'they' are more accomplished or are so much better than me. 'they' are actually on equal grounds as me.

No. In this case I trust 'they' because I don't trust myself. And also I don't trust somebody who so boldly trusts themselves, especially when it comes at the expense of holding fingers inside his ears whenever somebody speaks. 

In this case I will trust 'them' because I trust in the power of an outside perspective. I trust the validity of a stone cold outside assessment. I don't trust the validity of self-assessment. 

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    @abrahamkim This is an interesting observation about yourself. I have often wondered about the advice to "trust your gut." This works for people who have a good gut and good intuition. But what about people who just don't have that and tend to make bad decisions? If they trust their gut they are going to be in bad shape. For myself, I use a mix of self-assessment and advice from others. The thing I have learned about advice is to be aware of where the advice is coming from and the motivations of the people giving you the advice.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 29, 2018 19:32:22
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      There's an adage I think gets over used.

      "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best"

      This, I think, should only apply to people who earn it through time. I don't think that everyone can just use such an idea as a crutch to continue to be worse until eventually there is no 'best' of them.

      Gut health literally and also in this sense figuratively is important. haha. What might be probiotics for the figurative gut? Maybe positivity? Gary Vee style.

      Sir Abe avatar Sir Abe | Dec 30, 2018 06:07:13
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      @abrahamKim Probiotics for the figurative gut....positivity I would vote for that! Interesting thing to ponder....

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Dec 30, 2018 17:13:21
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