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Feb 10, 2019 07:22:35


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I recently watched the Netflix series; YOU.
It is about a couple's relationship founded on stalking. Stalkership.

I wondered how an entire season of a show could be created about stalking. It turned out to be more interesting than I expected.

The show revealed the fact that our willingness to put ourselves out there - particularly on social media, makes us visible to any type of person.

There is a part in the show where the stalker comments about the woman he was stalking:

"All your public social media profiles are set to public; that means you want to be seen."

That statement bothered me. Was it true? Are we doing things subconsciously that makes us more vulnerable than we realize?

There seems to be both a stalker and a "stalkee" phenomena in training.

When we take time to become more interesting in public - be it by posting pictures, tweets, articles or even here on 200wordsAday.com, are we running the risk of becoming better "stalkees"?

Even more frightening - are we becoming better stalkers? If the information we are curious about is just a click away, are we flexing the muscle of being nosy and getting effective at stalking people online? 

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