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Mar 26, 2019 22:17:13

Spring Springing Sprung

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Daniel Miller

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People love spring. They love the return of the sun, the leaves on the trees, the flowers, the longer days, the warmer temperatures, spring break.

They don't see the bugs, and the sweat, and the shorter nights, and the impending doom of the torturous North Texas summer.

They see not having to wear a coat. I see losing that cozy hoodie layer. They see getting outside for walks around the lake. I see all those people at the lake.

I don't want to be in a hammock or a beach lounger. If it rains, I'm happy snug in my house, or if it's cold, bundled up around a small fire. I don't want to have to remember sunglasses every time I leave the house.

Why do I prefer the dormant seasons? The leaves falling off the trees, the clouds moving in overhead, the long quiet nights. Spring and summer are extroverts to fall and winters introvert tendencies.

The party is just getting started around here, and I just know it's going to get packed and rowdy and someone is going to spill their drink on me. And I'm not allowed to just go home and read my book. I have to stay at this party until it's over.

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