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Jul 26, 2019 16:42:00

Songs to sing along

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@brainball asked me for my favourite songs to sing along. Well, the answer isn't that simple, as I have got a bunch of songs to sing along, which I like.

Since I am just preparing the music for the road trip, which will start this Sunday, I thought about my favourite songs to sing along. Also, I needed to add them to the playlist anyway.

First and foremost, my probably all time favourite to sing along is These Days from Bon Jovi. Along with many Bon Jovi song which you can sing along, These Days is somehow my favourite.

After them, there is my second all-time favourite, Square Hammer from Ghost. Again, I like all Ghost songs, but Square Hammer stands out.

Then, there comes an Austria song from the Band STS with "Irgendwann bleib I dann dort", which means sometimes I will stay there. It is a song about how the world is running for the "normal"/"average" people. The singer tells about the vacation he had last summer in Greece and that he wants to stay there before he needs diapers after a stroke. It's a great song, as soon as you catch the meaning.

Of course, there are several other songs from STS which I like and since they are sung in Styrian dialect it's easy for me to sing along.

I would write a thousend songs more on this list here, but that is the "essential" list. But today my time is limited, I need to get this playlist done :)

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    @phaidenbauer - listening to These Days by Bon Jovi now β€” and that’s the power of sharing. Thank you Sir. Have a great roadtrip.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 26, 2019 09:31:00
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