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Jul 06, 2019 20:10:46

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July is turning out to be intense. 

For some reason - there is a lot of activity this month. 

At my job, my boss of the last few years - one that I loved, just quit the company. 
I am not certain how things will change around me. I have to prepare myself for a brand new character who may influence the level of stress I could experience in the immediate future...  

I am listening to a new book called 'Genius Foods' which is impacting 'Project Food As Fuel". Adding lots of olive oil into my diet due to the things I discovered in that book.

 I have my swimsuits from Amazon to resume swimming regularly starting next week.

 I will be reading 'Dare to Lead' immediately after completing Genius Foods.  
Working on some projects with folks from here that I would like to build some momentum on. Those are intriguing and promising at the same time. 

The best new change, my dad arrived to the US today. I have plans to do many things with him... so a bunch of productivity related items will take a back seat on many instances. 

July - you are threatening to be an adventure. 
I accept. 

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