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Jul 27, 2019 08:43:52

Sleepless night

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I m tired due to a sleepless night and still wake up early; it is 1.5 hour later than my usual wake up time since I don't sleep until 5am+, the extra 1.5 hour it doesn't help.

So what happens is I did sleep around midnight as usual, but suddenly I wake up around 2 am, go for a toilet break, come back and suddenly can't sleep any more. I can feel that I m tired, but the eyes refuse to close, it likes the eyes has secret drink lots of coffee without my notice.

After trying to sleep for a while but can't make it work, I wake up and decide to do something to see if anything can help to relax.

An episode on big bang theory on Netflix - not working

Some reading on twitter - not working

Play some mobile games - not working

I almost decided to stay awake and write some code but try to resist the idea; it will be weekend and going to need a lot of energy to handle the kids, I force myself go back to the bed and try to sleep again.

Lucky this round, I start to feel sleepy again might be the help of all the activities above, I finally fall asleep back.

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    I used to be too mind-active to sleep at night, though a little different with your last night situation, I think still could share some tips with you.

    First, if you can't fall asleep, try the professional help.

    Only after I bought a professional sleeping lesson (16 sub-lessons, each is an 20-minute audio guidence to listen for a week), I realized good sleeping quality could be well trained, all sleeping problems could be solved accordingly.

    You could pick one suitable for the current situation, then enjoy a nice sleep.

    The second, if you fail to sleep well, instead of waking up later, the most efficient way is doing some quick excersises to fresh your body. Here are my favorites:

    - Rolling eyes for at least 5 minutes to warm your eye muscle. In fact, I do this whenever I get tired. Closing eyes won't relax them effectively, but rolling them does.

    - Stretching. From head, shoulder, arms and legs, active your whole body! Especially neck and shoulder, even you sleep well, you can't start a nice day with a heavy stone-like neck.

    Plus, drinking more water.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 27, 2019 09:45:08
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      @5plus6 thanks for the advice! most of the time I just fall asleep when I lie down, a situation like last night is very rare to happen.

      Knight avatar Knight | Jul 28, 2019 07:46:15
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