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Mar 16, 2019 21:42:35

Skype Update Via Email

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Valentino Urbano

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I have been using Skype on my Mac for a few years and I always thought that it had background updates (or some sort of automatic update) ever since. Not once I have checked my version number and compared it to the one on the website, as I guess everybody else does. Oh, what? No one does it, that's gonna be unfortunate for Microsoft.

Today I received an email from Skype informing me that my version of Skype was about to be 'sunset' (It seems like this word has become the bread and butter of tech companies lately), followed by 3 detailed steps on how to download the new one from the official Skype.com website.

I wasn't sure the email was legit, even though it seemed so... The graphics were a perfect match of the official ones and the sender is '[email protected]' also all the links redirects to skype.com so it's 100% legit. In any case, I suggest you navigate to Skype.com manually every time up. Get one of those suspect emails.

Anyway, my thought is that sure I might be biased, but I hope that Microsoft doesn't do something like this again. Thinking that it was a phishing attack was real.

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