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Jul 21, 2019 23:14:19

six of them

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There were six of them. Four speaking Polish. Three speaking French. Three speaking English. One speaking Spanish (not much opportunity to use it though). There was not one story that had universal version. I wonder what were the differences. Were they specific to the qualities of the language they were told in? Or maybe to the character of the teller? Or to the dish which was just being served...?

Were the apero, rose and nibbles stories different than the pasta puttanesca stories? Did lack of bread changed the perception of the evening of "the French lot"? How the presence of sour cucumbers influenced the Tuscan wine experience? 

Three were drinking fennel tea. One was drinking Earl Grey. Two were drinking espresso. One had (hot) water with lemon. Six had rose (one ABSOLUTELY should not have had it!). Six had red wine. Five tried the herbal bitter (monastic) Italian digestive, two hated it, one politely lacked an opinion, one liked it, one didn't stop drinking it.

EVERYBODY had the cake. It was an absolutely orgasmic walnut Easter pastry. So totally unexpected, pulled out of the context, seen only during the two special days of the whole year. 

It WAS a special day.

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