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Jul 20, 2019 17:21:28

Simple Saturday

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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As I thought yesterday, I was working in the new Apartment with my Mother again.
We worked on the painting of the walls again. Now, it really looks like something you could live in.
Tomorrow we will be painting the ceiling of the living room and the corridor. After that, it will be time to finish the kitchen. There are only two walls left to paint in it. Then it will be time for some serious cleaning.
The guy, from whom I bought the Apartment, did a pretty good job keeping it clean, but who cleans on the top side of the cupboards? It is really gross up there, oil and fat besides the ugly yellow colour.
I can't wait to sleep in the new Apartment and have the moving finished. Now I know again, why you're probably not moving a bunch of times in life when you have loads of stuff.
I think I should get some stuff sold, and lean to a more minimalistic lifestyle.
But that's probably a theme for another post. I am going to make an easy afternoon now and prepare for another work day tomorrow. Maybe I can bring some stuff into the new Apartment by the end of next week.
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