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May 26, 2019 23:26:26

Shrink the quantum of experience

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@noahlt shrink the quantum of experience: instead of reading a book, read a wikipedia article. Instead of eating a cup of ice cream, eat a spoonful. Decreases turnaround time, which both reduces procrastination and also allows me to decide whether I want to go deeper.

This is a picked answer to “What are some non-obvious ideas that can change your life?” from my weekly newsletter from Recomendo. 

Recently, I am thinking of a question: how to get as much as different experiences every day to support making a hard choice?

Most of the people refuse to try something new because they have limited time and energy to save on the completely 100% right things. The elder I am, fewer possibilities to get a new experience. People are no more excited on exploring new in the future, but concentrate on competitions of historical victories. Ageing became the end of diversity and curiosity. 

There is one of my favourite apps: No Zero Days. Its default list are: created, helped, learned and healt. I changed it into: created, learned, read and code. If I did one of these four kinds of things, it would be a no zero day for me. Now, I want to add one: tried.


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