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Mar 05, 2019 20:28:43

Short story 03: next station, ten years older

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One day, a girl was getting up on a bus back home from school. It's the first station of the bus line where many high school students began their ride home, the girl was one of them. The 30-minute bus ride was the best part of her school day—— has finished her duty in school, and not hurry to start homework at home, the empty time. No seats, as usual, she used to looking outside the dirty window with dried mud stains till the last station. As sun rising down, the girl's reflection on the glass became clearer.

"I look a little bit terrible for the whole mass today. How could I get rid of these boring routine and soon grow up to be an elegant and successful woman?! " she said to herself staring at the window.

As soon as her voice faded, a vigorous girl dressed in a white skirt wearing black sunglasses appeared on the window, it's the girl's older version apparently.

"OMG! It seems like me at the twenties !" she shocked but no one else has noticed that. "I am the same as before, only my reflection changes. How incredible!". The girl inside the window was chatting and laughing with friends, on the contrary, the girl outside the window was alone around her schoolmates. "I'll be more attractive when I grow up." The girl said in joy.

When the bus stopped at the next station, her reflection grew ten years older. 

"It's five stations away from my home, and my destination is the final stop. So I would see my eighties! I have a longer life than I am expected!" Since the girl found the law of this magic, she had to save time to a closer observation at her future version. "What a pity that I have wasted so much time to realize that! I was at my twenties just now, the best age of my entire life! Thank goodness, it's not too late to learn a lesson!"

The bus became filled with people shoulder by shoulder. The girl has been pushed away from the window, only got a glimpse of her thirties and forties through the crowds."I am busy living in my middle age," she complained, "always in a hurry."

Next station, she got a seat though still many people there. Besides her in the window, is an old lady with gray hair with an easy grace. "In my fifties, I can set off again at leisure finally. There's still plenty of time." 

It was totally dark, fewer people left on the bus. The glass window divided the world into two parts: the girl and the girl in the future. She fell asleep with head on the window.

When the bus driver woke up the sleeping girl at the destination, the girl opened her eyes, on the other side of the window, there was a silver-haired elderly lady in eighties.

The girl got off the bus, when she regained consciousness, she found herself standing silently with tears running down her cheeks.

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