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Feb 25, 2019 23:39:58

Short story 01: the story about fish-bird

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At the deepest part of the sea and sky, they are connected where you can't tell the difference between swimming and flying, or morning and night, or upside and down. It is the place where the fish-bird are born, called "the seaky(sea-sky)". Hence, we can't recognize whether air or water is flowing in the seaky, floating bubbles are appearing and growing larger at any time and any place.

Each bubble is a child fish-bird to grow up as a fish or a bird, randomly. If a bubble grows up to be a fish, then he should swim down to the ocean, on the contrast, he should fly up to the sky.

Our story is about a new born bubble happened to be a bird flying away from the direction of the deep ocean and arriving at the sky finally. Then he realized that he had to find a place to rest like a tree aside the street or roof of human building. Everyday, he flys around and rests at somewhere quite. 

One day is a rainy day that he have ever met in his life as bird. When the drops from sky wet his feathers, a familiar feelings of flowing water came back. The feeling is so strong that he jumped into a water loop just beneath him.

The next day, sunshine dried the ground and people found a dead fish in the hole aside street."Why there was a dead fish belonging to the deepest part of the sea? It's strange." People asked and throw the fish body into a trash box.

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    @shire Omg! So wonderful!!! Seaky and all... Bubble, yea... what an amazing manifestation of the fish-bird environment indeed

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 01, 2019 14:34:57
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