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Jun 07, 2019 00:25:39

!shiny Method

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Brian Ball

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I'm going through FreeCodeCamp.com again.

When I started, it was September, 2015. I was an early tester, helper, builder when Quincy was working his ass off to build it and a bunch of us in the community were volunteering. It was cool.

But, I got distracted by shiny life [objects].

I think this may be the last shiny-object cycle before I finally give it up. I've had lots of fun. But, shiny doesn't work when you need to get results. It's great when all you need to do is pass a day and enjoy yourself. It's great for tourists, for example.

I'm done being a tourist in my own life. I want to be an adventurer. I want to do harder things. I want to increase my capacity to do harder things and lead others while overcoming great obstacles.

To strengthen my ability, I'll need to take a different approach. Less excitement and more method will be the recipe.

More streaks for sure.

I'll be on #teamstreak by the end of June, but by the end of summer (Sep. 2nd) my goal is to have a full-time software engineering role at a great local company. I don't want to rest on my old skills, I want to be playing with the new toys.

Until then, I'd better set up some routines like @baz.

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    @brianball I have this reflection reading your post, that one of the least shiny things in my life is zen, which is seen by many (fantasizing about it, yet never actually "doing it") as something top shiny... (LOL... that is what I am doing RIGHT NOW!)
    The phrase I love, which kinda encapsulates all there is to encapsulate goes like that:
    "Just act ordinary, without trying to do anything particular. Move your bowels, piss, get dressed, eat your rice, and if you get tired, then lie down." hihi...

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 10, 2019 22:44:29
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    @brianball Wow, you're a Senior in the Game.

    What advice would you give me; Not a STEM graduate; Got my first Internship in July 2017 where i worked managing Wordpress Sites and some CodeIgniter Sites. Changed to a Laravel job last September.

    Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Jun 07, 2019 09:50:11
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      @seunoyebode - what advice would you like to hear?

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jun 07, 2019 07:53:43
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      @brianball hihi...

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jun 10, 2019 18:52:38
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