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May 08, 2019 19:58:16


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At the end of the last year, I met an amazing online English teacher, from whom I first know excel could be a powerful tool to organize your knowledge. I am good at self-learning as well as bad at organizing what I learned to applications. Most of the time, I trust my memory and collect everything in mind.  Before I started teamwork, it's sufficient for me.

About half a year ago, sharing knowledge in the team became part of my duty. At first a few weeks, I didn't do quite well, because thousands of words and hundreds of resources just flow out of mind without control. Maybe I am too used to learning and working alone that I don't know how fast I think, how many materials I could mention and how a mess sharing in this way. So organization in sheet occurred to my mind. 

Then I start to use google sheet. There are about twenty google sheets saved in my google drive in different purposes and filled in various contents. But none was continued over a week. The main reason is that there are multi-media materials I need to collect, organize and share, though I could insert links, still inconvenient. I want something to FORCE me to reorganize while learning in joy, FORCE me to seek the relationship between them, a pattern I would benefit from it.

Experiments never end. Thanks for @efran's coda video, I start to use coda, each section in my coda doc is SHEET. Sheet, sheet, sheet. 

Before a project, deconstructing the new problem into sub sheets is the first productive step. During the process, new sheets are created, filled and reorganized in handy. It seems that a big problem was turned into a relational database and could be solved step by step.

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    @5plus6 ... I am happy i could help you to find Coda!:) .. if you would built some nice doc and feature please share it with me ... i wanna make more videos about Coda, not just about the IdeasKeeper doc .. trying to organize my life too hehe

    Efran avatar Efran | May 08, 2019 15:07:12
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      Here are something I want to share with you.

      Until now, the most amazing part of Coda for me is creating tables to organize thoughts in structure. (I am only unsatisfied that it couldn't support Grammarly extension.)

      I was writing a paper while organizing all the materials in Coda. Meanwhile, I write code in Jupyter Notebook. Though I use many notebook extensions, still quite a mess. So I create a new Coda table.

      Now while writing the code in the notebook, I record as well as organize my coding flows in Coda in another PC. That's so great!! I never felt my mind so clear before!

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 04, 2019 22:54:38
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      @5plus6 .. Yeah, I mad about the Grammarly integration as well haha ... it sounds so cool, your already better with Coda than me... I am glad it's useful for you :)

      Efran avatar Efran | Jul 04, 2019 20:19:51
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