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Aug 15, 2019 21:00:34

She by @vasishtachary

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Jan 09, 2019 19:02:44 @vasishtachary 

"thinking about the girl across the street"

It was one of those days, winter was just settling down, the morning was nippy and night cold. Delhi was enveloped in a misty fog, lazy, dull and mysterious. It was one of those days, an old qawwali played in the background, one could hear Nusrat Saab singing about his love and how she made him an alcoholic, blaming her beautiful eyes. I opened the window letting the cold air in, as I lit a smoke and poured myself a glass of wine. There is a certain beauty about winter mornings, sunlight tearing through the trees and gently flirting with the fog and a peek of the most beautiful girl you know. 

She lived right across the street, I have often seen her from this window. I sit here sipping wine while she was busy drying her clothes. Unobvious of my existence she continued battling her day to day work, often glancing in my direction while I glimpsed her beautiful brown eyes. Nusrat Saab in the background describing how the beautiful eyes of his lover made him intoxicated, resonating with my tale. I butted the cigarette as I reached for a refill thinking about the girl across the street.    

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