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May 24, 2019 20:43:56

Sending emails to make a request

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Each time I subscribe to a product has to be paid in credit card, I would be really upset. PayPal is the only way that I could pay for $ since I am a Chinese student. 

There is a wish list of all the services that I want to try the prime version but only support credit card. I thought I have no chances to achieve that. However, something happened these days changed my mind.

About two days ago, I woke up listening to Tim Ferriss Show (#125) which is my favourite and listened 5+ times. Derek was talking about how he charged his CD, "I’m gonna make it $35, that will let me give anyone a discount, any time they ask. Even if somebody’s on the phone and upset, I’ll say, you know what? Let me give you a discount."  

An idea suddenly came into my mind: "I could send an email to ask for payment in PayPal, whatever, I should try."

So, the first email was send to Dairy Email yesterday. I received a kind reply that he would use a processor that accepts PayPal. It's a great start!

Next try is Scholarcy this morning. I got feedback within an hour.  Though don't have an automatic way to take PayPal subscriptions, they send me a PayPal monthly invoice. Another win!

I am so happy that I tried, and I just finished my thank you emails right now.


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