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Mar 01, 2019 15:30:33


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"Self-improvement" is a tedious title from my unreadit mail today, it's too obvious to be a positive motivation, in other words, "chicken soup". However, since I have installed a chrome extension called "spreed" to read every text on the web in 400 WPM just by a shortcut, I think it's not a big deal to read the short article in less than one minute.

As the result, I realize I share a common view with the author who called himself a "overthinker", co-founder of "unreadit" in his Twitter profile.

He wrote how his sudden job-quitting changed his life a few months ago. Released from daily routine 9-10 hours busy job, it's plenty of time to think that makes him realize his fears, desires, and needs that had never happened before. I feel the same way because I have quit my daily routine busy life since 2019, too. I embrace the aimless day with no certain projects other than sensing the world in a way I had never done before I was so "determined" about what I should do everyday.

Then one and a half month later, I was kind of changed with a few new habits that I always struggled to form but failed all the time before, like writing hundreds of words, listening to a 10-minute book, speaking half an hour English, establishing a healthier sit-stand workstyle, tracking my daily activities and make a statistic report everyweek for reflection and etc. All these new and stable habits have a big impact on me, I have never felt so accomplished and fulfilled before.

In the end, I want to leave the thoughts from the author: make sure you're not "postponing" yourself, you're not thinking "maybe in a few years I'll give these other things a chance". The best time to follow your passions is now.

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