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Aug 03, 2019 13:42:01

Saturday's thoughts

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As I am collecting the ideas, it's really hard to focus on one thing, haha. Always pop out something new I could try.

Now I am kinda struggle with global vs local direction of my projects. Sure there is the question "why should I limit myself just with the local market If i can think globally?"

But for money making side project based on affiliate marketing, print on demand or drop shipping can be better way for me to go locally now.

I know that is not the honest way how to make money online, still, it can be done properly and the right way.

I am gonna probably test it on my affiliate site, will try different ways how to monetize the website. The website is already running so it shouldn't take much more of my time.  I was actually thinking a little bigger and I wanted to start completely new website but this feels like the right compromise. I can see if it's working and decide according to the experiment.

Just need to start soon till I have motivation and power but I have a good feeling about it, I mean it could make some more money. Will see. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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