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Jul 04, 2019 15:13:36

Right by the plants, under the grow-lights.

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Sir Abe

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-- Am I crazy. Or is he crazy?

-- None of you are crazy.

-- He looks completely fine. And so one of us has to be crazy! I think it's him.

-- Settle down, Abe.

-- Hey you wanna go on a walk.

-- Yes. 

-- Do you think Mark's crazy?

-- He doesn't seem as affected does he?

-- Yeah exactly! I think he's crazy! Or we're crazy...

-- I think that we might be more crazy...

-- fuck. We're crazy.

-- Well we're not that crazy. Right?

-- How was the walk?

-- Good!

-- Feeling better.

-- Yes. I think we needed that. Hey. So how come you and I used to be friends. But now we aren't.

-- I don't know. You became a jerk.

-- I was a jerk. Why was I a jerk?

-- I don't know. Why were you?

-- Well why was I a jerk to you, but not Joel? Oh god, I'm so sorry. I never meant to be that way to you. Do you think we can still be friends.

-- Yes, but now you need to tend to the people in your life right now. Look at Katie. Look at Joel. 

-- Joel! 

-- Joel why are you crying?

-- I don't know. Something's messed up with me.

-- What happened?!

-- Mike are you okay? I'm sorry about everything. I don't know what I did, but I thought you were judging me.

-- What! No. I thought you guys were judging me! 

-- No. I was very worried actually.

-- I don't think I'm going to do this again.

-- Me either. Do you want to drink?

-- Yes. But not yet. I'm scared to. In a bit.

-- Yes. Beer?

-- and liquor. 

-- Who wants a mixed drink?

-- Yeah I could use one.

And I saw Mark smiling, holding a cocktail that Chops had just made for him. He was right by the plants under the grow-lights.

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