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Jul 27, 2019 19:03:05

riches we encountered

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Empty cardboard box, rather big, in good shape, I'm sure it still could be useful; crashed cardboard box with 3 bottles of wine from our wedding; partly torn cardboard box with many many light(z) which were used to decorate (by me!) the wedding party venue; plastic box with... small strings of lights, 3 kinds of tape, office clips, scissors etc. which were used to decorate the wedding party venue; plastic box in which the previous box sit in; big paper bag with a plastic bag with my wedding chiffon skirt (and the other one, which I did not send back... yet?); broken blender; HUGE red suitcase (in which Philippe brought 31 kilograms of food coming to Gdynia for Christmas in 2015 (maybe 2016), as he thought we eat just things bought in Lidl (which we kinda do). In the suitcase there were few bags of good Italian pasta, panna, ricotta, biscuits to make tiramisu, tiny bottle of Amaretto (to make tiramisu), well... list would be endless, IT WAS 31 KILOGRAMS OF FOOD after all; my favourite, good size, golden green suitcase; small red suitcase (little sister of the humongous suitcase); big (but NOT huge) red hard plastic suitcase, which (full of completely unnecessary and actually useless stuff, travelled with us form Paris to Berlin and then from Berlin to Gdynia. The suitcase is empty, NO IDEA where the completely unnecessary and actually useless stuff went...).

to be continued...  maybe...

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