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Jul 11, 2019 20:54:15

Rewrite: the underground angel

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(The short story made up by me four months ago,  it's a period of time that my mind is full of wild imagination. )

Deep in the earth, it's dark, warm and humid, like women's uterus.

The same moment when a baby starts forming in his mother's womb, underground rivers give birth to a baby angle.

The land surface like one mirror, both of the baby angle and the baby human are growing symmetrically.

The angel is unable up to the ground,  he communicates with the baby through the solid around him. 

If the baby cries, solid around the angle begins shaking violently and turning cold suddenly, so he would try to warm it to comfort the baby. 

If the baby feels happy, a sweet smell fills the solid like a blooming flower, reminds the angel to share the moment.

Have you ever know that the angel talks to roots of the roses along your after-school path every day? 

He wants to know how's the weather, and have you seen those beautiful flowers shining today? 

He looks at you through the eyes of those roses. 

So, the grownup human baby came home and said to his mother, "I felt one of the red roses smiled to me when I passed by." 

The underground angel heard and smiled. 

Okay, my story ends.

My angel is reading my words now, smelling the aroma of my joy.

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