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Jun 16, 2019 16:31:20

Resurrecting an old business idea

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I signed up to use coda.io the other day, something I know that @efran uses.

It was not a service I had come across before and I was interested in seeing what I could make with it.  I have a few projects I was previously working on that didn't fit well with Wordpress and I dropped them after the initial excitement period.

The main one I was working on was a tool to create, find and participate in Mastermind Groups.

Many successful business people I have followed online are members of a group of mentors that meet regularly (via Skype or some such tool) and discuss where they are in their businesses, what challenges they have and their accomplishments and goals for the following week.

The idea is that the other members of the group all help each other out, either just with encouragement, or helping people overcome problems or stumbling blocks in their life and business.

In theory, it could work for any industry, not just for people who run online businesses.

The idea was just a simple database where people would register themselves, creating a profile that recorded things like location, the area or niche they were in, plus some contact information, the best time of day to be contacted and how etc.

People can also create their own groups, looking for members in similar niches or areas or with common goals.  For example, you might get a group of Wordpress designers or Social Media Marketing companies.  You meet regularly and help each other achieve your goals.

I was a member of a Mastermind Group a few years ago and they were very helpful.  I was probably not in the right place (mentally) at the time and was struggling to get ideas into action, but I did enjoy meeting the other members and helping them out.  I know that one of them was able to quit his job and go full time on his business idea!

I am pretty sure I have seen something similar on Producthunt before, but it was more of a system where you applied and were manually matched with a group, for which you pay a fee.  I was hoping to launch my idea for free and then look at other services later that people could pay for such as eBook training to get the best out of the groups, or a facilitator function.

Coda.io looks very simple but powerful too.  I shall enjoy playing with it over the next few weeks, trying to understand if it can do what I want to achieve.

It's enjoyable to play with something new.

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    @twizzle Wow cool to hear ... I am looking forward seeing your Coda docs!!:) ... Your idea sounds nice, I guess the hardest part gonna be to get the people in...A few years back I was organizing small sessions for friends to talk about ideas and businesses (called BizBreak :)

    Efran avatar Efran | Jun 16, 2019 18:20:22
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