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Jul 15, 2019 17:51:14

Relentless Streak Foiled By Bug

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Gabriel Greco

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Baden-Württenberg, 15 July - When I knew I'd be going away for several days, I spent some time preparing a set of scheduled posts to keep the streak alive during my absence. There was something dishonest about the approach, I thought, after all I would not be doing any actual writing those days. A scheduled streak is nothing but a virtual streak, it is a superficial rendition of the act of streaking; that is to say, the act publishing on 200wad on a daily basis.

Which is why there is some poetic justice in discovering that the post scheduled for Friday night (the 12th) was, for whatever reason, posted only on Saturday, simultaneously doubling my post count for one day while shattering a month-long streak of 'relentless discipline'.   
How did it happen? Nobody can say (maybe [email protected]). What I do know is that on the evening of Thursday the 11th, when I published my first private post and scheduled the others, I was not able to select an AM posting for the next day. The AM option was greyed out leaving only a 34 minute window before midnight on the 12th to schedule my post. It was weird but who am I to argue with software?  So I set it for 11:26 PM on July 12th. 
Clearly the scheduled posting module is buggy,  if not because it doesn't post when it promises to post, then because it won't allow you to select an hour of your choosing - although, in my case, it failed at both. This is the beauty of software; 87% of the time it works all the time, the other 13% it is guaranteed to work only 'on my machine'. 
So what's next? Probably going to start a writing cult where we write our way towards an inevitable mass suicide. We're going to be the kind of cult that appreciates the potency of a streak enough to build it up to a deadly finale when we all break it en masse. Or, you know, keep going on here and not worry about virtual depictions of writing productivity, like the #streak.

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    @gabrielgreco - I'm in -- for either / both.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 15, 2019 10:14:43
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      @gabrielgreco @brianball

      "Clearly the scheduled posting module is buggy"
      yes yes yes!
      it's been buggy like forever... (anytime past 11pm was doomed)
      and I have been bugging Basile every time, until my post was moved to the right day.... :-/
      Well... but I am a bugger...

      @basielesamel , why oh why didn't you push the 13th July post to 12th of July...

      @gabrielgreco and now you are gone...
      and I imagine the suicidal writing cult course would take place here... <3
      though I can hardly have any hope for writing myself to death, considering the pathetic amounts and qualities of words I have been using recently...

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Aug 03, 2019 12:08:40
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      @lucjah -- you said it not me. :-D

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Aug 03, 2019 08:30:29
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