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Jun 28, 2019 12:05:32

Relationship Mentors

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How many of you have a relationship mentor?

A fascinating speaker called Esther Perez asked this question at a talk.. 

The concept of looking for a career mentor is famous. Many people are actively looking for one. But when it comes to relationships - few want to admit they want or need a mentor. 

Many turn to books or social media to find people that seem to have their relationship part of their life under control. But an actual mentor, that can advice and give guidance (outside of one in a religious setting) - I have never heard of. 

I didn't think about it until I saw Esther's video. 

We mostly turn to family and close friends when seeking advice on this topic. The assumption is that they are more objective ... but is everyone really qualified to dispense advice on relationships?
The urge to be useful to others is making me pretend like I am an expert at things I have no training for.
I wonder - Am I qualified to give advice on this topic?

According to research - the quality of our relationships will have the biggest impact on the quality of our lives. 

Relationship mentor as a new business idea anyone? 

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