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Apr 10, 2019 08:51:18

Recommendation of a standing desk

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Since I started to use a standing desk at work, it helped tremendously to mitigate headache and shoulder ache that I have been annoyed when I studied during high school and college.

A standing desk is normally adjusted to your height at your elbow so that your arms under elbow is aligned with the surface of the desk. In addition, your display should be located right in front of your eye. Now you do not have to look down the screen as I am doing for a laptop screen. The weight of our head is equivalent to the one of a bowling ball. Imagine how heavy burden your neck has.

Your shoulder is also automatically straightened. Last but not least, if you feel tired, you already have a bit of exercise and feel like changing your posture. Then I sit on the tall chair for a while. It encourages us to take a different posture once a while. 

Now I am thinking of buying a standing desk at home. 

  • Jarvis Bamboo 48" - starting from $500 
    This was recommended by one of my coleagues, and seems to be one of the best according to "Best Standing Desks 2019" But it would be a bit overbudget for us. 
  • IKEA BEKANT around $400
    It seems to be normal. Not too fancy, not to cheap.
  • SONGMICS $279 
    It can adjust the height by hand and seems to be reasonable. 
  • Joy Desk $149
    This is cheapest and fixed the height. But even for both my wife and me, the height would not be a problem when we tried different a fixed-height standing desk. Only concern is stability and too cheap. I am a bit sceptical about this price. 


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