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Jul 12, 2019 21:40:53

Recent experience in Job Hunting again after 4 years.

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Last few months, I was busy on job hunting so that I could get back on corporate. Receiving calls from various recruiters, taking the technical exam, coding, getting rejected and taking the exam again, passing the exam, passing the client technical interview and landing an offer.

During the process, it was interesting to see that some companies were really taking too long to give feedback on the interview in the Engineering position. While they are contemplating if you should move to the next round of interview, somewhere someone already making an offer for that engineer.

The software engineer with skills and experience will not be around for too long in the job market. Since a lot of recruiters are fighting for their attention.

In my experience, I still have pending interviews but could no longer wait for too long since there is already a competitive offer, their process was really smooth and I like what I will be doing with them.

I salute those recruiting firms since they have a really optimized process for hiring. You know they are dealing with a lot of applicants. Some startups don't even have a proper process of hiring. I guess it was because of the lack of human resource. There is one startup that wanted to get me all ready without taking any exam. Just pure verbal. I know this was common in a startup since I experienced already multiple times.

Also, there is an interesting difference when you are fresh graduate vs if you have some experience under your belt. When you are a fresh graduate, most of the companies don't really want to bet on you. Unless this company was notorious for hiring fresh graduate so that they could low ball you.

When you have some experience, there would be a flack of recruiters will be coming on your door. Almost fighting for your attention to notice their current job opening. This is my experience since I've received tons of invites from one job board from a different outsourcing company. I didn't even manage to apply on my own. Most are invites( I'm not really bragging just saying what I really experienced recently).

It feels like you have a key for every opportunity when you have skills and experience. At least in what I experienced but I guess this would be different if check other position rather relying too much on recruiters.

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    @chrisdeuda please tell me I do not have to worry about the fact that there is just one red dot on July calendar...
    Has the new job swallowed you??? :-/

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Jul 24, 2019 18:58:15
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      Hello @lucjah, thanks for checking me in. I didn't really swallow by my new job, the commute does since I have a total of almost 4 hours of travel time back and forth. Well, maybe you are right since it's part of the job.

      Things will change with the upcoming months once I get my first paycheck and find rent space near my work. I sacrifice my freedom when I'm freelancing for a stable paycheck for the greater good. haha

      Chris 🤔🇵🇭 avatar Chris 🤔🇵🇭 | Jul 25, 2019 02:12:20
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      @chrisdeuda that's a taught call, difficult choice to make
      (@philh sometimes struggles with this dilemma, don't you?)
      I do hope you find a place to limit your commute to... what would be a cool distance? 1 hr a day, 30 min drive seems a good amount of time to leave work behind and look forward homy stuff :-)
      I will be waiting...

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Aug 03, 2019 11:57:04
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