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Apr 18, 2019 09:02:15

Re: Writing Meditation

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Parent post: Writing Meditation

I decided to join Basile's experiment. These were the instructions. 

1. Wake up
2.10-minute breathing meditation
3.Write down anything coming to my attention
4.If stuck, close your eyes
           Wait for thoughts to pop up and go back to step 3
5.Repeat till I complete at least one 200WaD post

Here are my results:
1. Wake up - Done
2. Mediation - Done
But feel asleep after 2 - For 10 minutes. (Meditation is the best way to fall asleep)
3. Started over at meditation
4. Wrote a draft.
I was listening to a few videos about Scott Adams yesterday so my draft was about what I listened to. 

I read Atomic habits in January but listening to Scott Adams from 2015 tells me that a lot of the James' material wasn't original. The whole system over goal approach was introduced by Scott and now popularized by the Atomic Habits. 

Few people come up with a new idea. Even the most popular and successful people among us are not inventing something anymore. The bulk of success/money is around integration of ideas into something simple. 

I am working on an array of things I read, watch, love and try to apply in my life. 
I need refocus on integration and more importantly simplification.

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    @keni maybe the brain fog is too strong right after waking up to meditate :/

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Apr 18, 2019 15:28:21
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      @basilesamel - yeah eyes were burning because I was trying to wake up earlier than usual. That 10 minute nap was delicious.

      The experiment continues....

      Keni avatar Keni | Apr 18, 2019 09:41:48
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      @keni @basilesamel It is an interesting concept to think of pairing meditation with other activities. I have been treating it as a stand-alone activity independent of anything else.

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Apr 18, 2019 07:55:04
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