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Apr 27, 2019 20:17:34

Re: Which browser tabs are opened right now

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I'm working on Minecraft U's modding curriculum (which is actually Level 5, I can't remember why I have the Level 7 page open) for this summer, hence all the Minecraft modding tabs open. The modding ecosystem has splintered in the last year or so, with Microsoft/Mojang making a lot of changes in the last couple of years that broke the dominant mod loader API (Forge), and I suspect that combined with the open source project changing hands (I'm speculating that it has, as most open source projects do over time) has left it quite a few Minecraft versions behind. I found Rift, which has a more elegant API (IMHO), the ability to build with Gradle, and that MDK (which I assume stands for Modding Development Kit--it's just a sample mod, but very helpful nonetheless). But the Rift team is merging with the Fabric team, but Fabric is still in an "early development stage", so we're stuck in a bit of a limbo state for this summer at least.

The first five tabs are pinned and I access them with cmd+N (1-5). I've tried a bunch of different email clients but have landed at Gmail in the browser with the Simplify Gmail extension. 

I have a separate browser window for my work account but managed to get all those tabs closed before the workweek's end (a very rare occurrence). 

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