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Apr 29, 2019 22:13:37

Re: What color...

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Daniel Miller

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I wear grey. Or gray. 

Most of my pants are not grey, however. Blue jeans. Bright blue pants. Brown pants.

Shirts are grey. Except for the blue ones. And the ones my wife buys me. The way I choose clothing, it's best if I let others do it for me.

I used to care less about clothing. I only care about clothing in terms of how it positions me in a social hierarchy. And the social hierarchy I care the most about is my professional life. This used to mean jeans and a t-shirt and a hoodie (if only it was hoodie weather all the time). Now I have to compromise and my shirts have collars. 

What I said isn't true. I also care about clothing in terms of function over style. There is nothing less comfortable to me than a tucked in shirt. I'll sacrifice some social standing for comfort. My torso has to be able to breathe. 

I hate how much I think about clothes. There are much more important things to think about. I secretly look down on those who do think intently about their wardrobe and resent the fact that their perceived value of dress means I then have to think about it too.

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    @danielmiller different colors, pretty similar feelings :D
    I received the notification about your post and I thought it was a comment, that I couldn't find. I thought it was a bug... and then I saw the link to a "reply". Gosh, I had a déjà-vu feeling... Same notification without a comment a few days ago! Now I understand, you did another reply, I'm going to check it out! :)))

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Apr 30, 2019 16:09:13
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      @philh worse! A continuation of a reply...

      Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Apr 30, 2019 17:18:03
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