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Jun 05, 2019 12:00:04

Re: Three Simple Questions

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Sure, why not:

What's Great in your life right now? Capital G! Such gravitas! I'm alive. I still take in air; there's oxygen in that air; my heart moves blood past my lungs and that blood transports the oxygen throughout my body. Neurotransmission is happening every split second in miraculous ways!

What are you missing in your life? Physical fitness. But I am riding my bike in the morning. Patience. That Presence in every day that lets me know everything is going to be OK.

What's preventing you from winning/succeeding? What's winning? What's a success? I don't think I know well enough to make a decision about what those mean.

I'm sitting in a quiet office. I'm listening to good music. I'm writing. I just had a good conversation with my boss. These questions are indeed very Tony Robbins; I'm not a skeptic when it comes to his work; it's just, in general, I'm more of a Francis of Assisi type. I do like Bruce Lee. I do like Chuck Palahniuk. I do like Zack de la Rocha. There is a place for violence and violence-adjacent rhetoric, I'm just not sure my paths to meaning are the best grounds for their machinations.

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