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Jun 04, 2019 10:42:35

Re: Three Simple Questions

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Parent post: Three Simple Questions

The post by @jacklyons caught my eye the other day as I was skimming through 200wad.

I guess you could say I am a fan of Tony Robbins, but don't really follow any of his stuff, have never read a book or attended a seminar.  I watched his program on Netflix and became interested in his methods and have had it in my mind to look deeper into what he does.  I suspect that he is just another guru who has good ideas, but without a personal connection, it could be hard for me to implement.

His 3 questions idea is not new.

There are umpteen courses and gurus who tell you to ask yourself these similar questions regularly to help define your goals and understand who you are, where you are and what are you?

I am not sure what sort of outcome you are expected to have from asking them.  I guess the idea is not to take the opportunity lightly.  I guess if I was in a seminar environment, supported by similar people all going through the same process, it might be easier.  Easier to be open, be specific and to possibly hear what others have written to help give me ideas of what to write (I like to learn through understanding how others operate).

I will give it a go as I have never tried before, so here goes:

What's Great in your life right now?

  • Work is steady and allows me some freedom and autonomy.
  • Money is tight but ok.  I am not too worried about money at the moment.
  • Kids are growing and branching out into amazing adults.
  • I feel like we are on the precipice of something good.

What are you missing in your life?

  • Drive - I am just drifting on the path of least resistance.
  • Passion - I have no passion for anything for long.
  • Direction - I am not sure where I am drifting to.
  • Cause - Why am I doing what I am doing - is it for the best?
  • Clarity - I am lacking focus on why I am doing what I am doing, for who and why.

What's preventing you from winning/succeeding?

  • Procrastination and brain fog.
  • That pull in my head and body that leads me to Reddit instead of doing "proper adult things" like getting the car fixed or towards improving myself, my future and my happiness.
  • Again, most likely related to health issues I need to address (back away from the coffee and wheat!)
  • Imposter syndrome, lack of self-worth.

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    @twizzle drifting might be what's great, too. Let the stream of life take you where it will...

    Daniel Miller avatar Daniel Miller | Jun 04, 2019 18:21:13
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      @danielmiller True, it can be fun, but it is something I have done my entire life. I have never really had any concrete goals in life, just accepting what comes. I am never sure if it is a good thing or not!

      Twizzle avatar Twizzle | Jun 05, 2019 07:33:20
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    @twizzle Awesome thanks for sharing! I'll share mine too.
    I suppose there's not a proper context to just asking them when not in a "Tony Robbins" environment, but I still feel like it's good for me to use these questions to recalibrate and cut out the BS self tak or negative thoughts that may not even be true once you dig deeper into the causes.

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jun 04, 2019 08:07:06
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