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Aug 12, 2019 06:37:36

Re: My Trello Way 2 - WIP

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Parent post: My Trello Way 2 - WIP

I love a good productivity geek-fest, especially if it involves the same tool I use!

I have a lot of boards. Here's a sample:

Daniel Miller: I need a better name for this board, but this is basically the board I keep open all the time. It's sort of my "WIP" board except it has a large backlog that may or may not ever be addressed. I do "backlog grooming" once and a while, archiving cards or moving them to other project-based boards. This is also the board I capture things into for processing later. I use Trello's Android widget for this. Columns on this board are Backlog, Ready, Working, Done, Waiting.

Project boards: Music, Blog, Writing, 200wad Ideas, Learning, React, Sonic Pi, SWIM, Bikes, Electron. Similar columns to the main board on each of these.

Shared boards with my wife: She uses Trello a little differently, so the column layout varies. But boards like House, References, Our Life, Trips.

Reference: Columns are Reference, Ideas, Icebox. I created this one to store stuff that used to be in Daniel Miller but is really one of those three, so it doesn't belong in front of me that often.

...more on process tomorrow! 

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