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Mar 19, 2019 17:00:08

Re: My first post @kanmani

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 Mar 09, 2019 14:56:25 @kanmani

Parent post: My first post

"why smily are not consider as a word ?"

Looking forward for 2 nd post ... Still searching 200 words ?

Even words are hard to find ?

even reply needs to be of 200 words ?

OMG ..

Writing is a very best habit .. your post is really interesting.

so i request you to keep writing about the book you read , give the review about the movie you watched , place you visited . Many fall in love with the reviews .

i dont want to quit from here .. i wana a see what is happening .

To write "chumma" its hard to find words but to write review , the people you like or the PEOPLE YOU HATE , you will find n number of information to write :).

Still its asking me to complete 86 words . I dont want to give up .

A is also considered as a word .. I believe this is quite interesting but im wasting this feature :) why smily are not consider as a word ?

Ok Keep Writing .. Expecting many posts from you .

God Save Me .. Save Manivannan Nagarajan

Save this World .

........ Teachers Pet ... Is ThAt YoU ? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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