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Mar 25, 2019 00:25:58

Re: Life lessons from Classroom(Interest)

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I had to reply to this wonderful piece by @henryadepegba :

This applies to life as well, if you start losing interest in something that is of necessity to you, You should find someone that knows it like the back of their hand, find an accountability partner to keep you at it, someone that can always give you something to do on it and monitor your progress, continually familiarizing yourself with it will spark up the interest needed for you, that way you learn more.

I find this to be profound. 
I have a long list of interests. It would be awesome to find someone that knows those things like the back of their hand.
But first - I need to identify - what do I know that could be useful to others?

Here is my list in business:

- Researching for an idea/product. (Did this repeatedly so improved along the way)
- Project management of a business idea
- Outsourcing and getting things done by experts in a timely fashion. 
- Researching and working with Chinese manufacturing companies to get a product manufactured and shipped to USA
- Project management for setting up and launching a crowdfunding campaign.

I would love to find an accountability partner.

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    @keni Wow, thanks for making reference to this post, accountability partner is key to actualizing our dreams.
    Thanks keni!

    Henry Adepegba avatar Henry Adepegba | Mar 25, 2019 23:31:50
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