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Aug 02, 2019 14:33:47

Re: Awesome August

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Lets make Friday reply. Work is slow. Time to write something. I am not sure If I understood correctly the concept but let's try haha. Thank you for the topic Craig :), hope you will achieve all your goals :).

So my August is gonna be like this:

I am gonna at least once a week wake up a little earlier and do something before work. I have some writing to do so it's highly needed.

I am gonna finish Deep Work by Cal Newport and will move to another book, haven't decided yet which one I choose.

This one gonna sound a little funny but I will eat little more on August, I tend to skip dinners after the boxing lesson and that is not ideal. :)

I will set up some routine to improve my blog post writing. Thinking of topics to write about, resources research, keywords research, writing, editing. Do everything in one day isn't so good.

One day no phone day. I will pick some calm day to keep my phone away. Wanna test myself a little bit. 


I think it's enough. Don't wanna be too busy haha.

Have an awesome August and an awesome weekend. :)


Stay with me. Efran.

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