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Jul 16, 2019 17:35:53

Re: Amazon Prime Day

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Philipp Haidenbauer

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Parent post: Amazon Prime Day

Today Amazon Prime Day(s) are ending. Thank god.

Sure, as I have written in Brandon's post, I have got some good deals, but as long as the "deals" are running, there could always be more bought.
I hate it when I am seeing something I probably won't need, but at a price, you normally wouldn't get it and I think about buying it.
I am glad I did never activate "one-click-checkout" on Amazon, my Bank Account would probably be quicker empty than there is money coming on.
I know I have a problem with such quick buy actions and I know it is hurting my Bank Account sometimes.
But today I think of it in another way, it is just another bad habit that needs to change.
I am sure I am not the only one suffering from this problem. :)
I hope you all bought a bunch of stuff you don't need and had a great Prime Day! 
But remember, the Cyber Monday Week and Black Friday Deals are just a few months away, and there is more to be bought!
Until then, if you want, tell me in the comments what stuff you bought but didn't use.
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    @phaidenbauer I will use pretty much everything I bought right away. Some items are travel-related. I picked up a couple gifts and some household items that will eventually get used. After I receive everything I'll have to decide my favorite purchase for this go around.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 16, 2019 18:28:03
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