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May 05, 2019 20:09:33

Re: 10. 200Wad -- research, reading, streaking, what should we pay attention to?

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Daniel Miller

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Research: this is the most time-consuming portion of any writing venture, and therefore the part that is most neglected in my 200wad writing. But I do love research. According to the personality test my company uses out of the 16 types they identify I'm a scholar. Of the alternative quantum lives I could have lived, one of the closest to my current path is that of a UX researcher. There's nothing quite like following a hundred rabbit holes, pulling that thread on the sweater of knowledge, learning that behind that door, where you thought was a room, is an entirely new world.

Reading: I also am behind on reading all the things. If I come to 200wad early enough in the day, I'll hit my followed feed, open all the interesting ones in new tabs (because going forward then backward loses the feed), always getting to the bottom where the feed does not infinite scroll (we'll consider that a feature, not a bug for now). Reading 200wad posts is useful for a number of reasons: sometimes the content is enlightening, sometimes the quality of the writing is edifying, sometimes the subject matter is inspiring, sometimes just reading a few other posts gets my brain in the right space to write my own.

Streaking: Never was my thing...I've got some kinks but nothing in regards to exhibitionism. ;)

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    @danielmiller - kinks .. ( long pausastion ) - It's great to read how people are writing here. Especially helpful to see how others approach the craft / commitment of the words.

    Ghi Arguello avatar Ghi Arguello | May 06, 2019 04:26:37
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