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Feb 02, 2019 23:44:47

Radagast #6

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"Are they speaking English just for you?"

She laughed. I could see her thinking.

"Yeah, I guess so! Where are you from? America?"


Where was I from?

"I've just come from Norway?"

She seemed surprised since I'm pretty Asian. Before she could say anything the music started and the subwoofers we were standing in front of beat the rhythm through our bodies. She smiled and turned to face the stage.

Theo came back.

"Damn, who was that?"

"Oh, a girl from England"

"What's she doing here?"

"She didn't say"

"How was your shit?"

"The music helped. I kinda timed it to the beat"

I wondered what that would have been like if we were listening to something complicated like jazz - fairly challenging, I guess. 

"What are you thinking about?"

"Time signatures"

Paul Ka took to the stage. He was shuffling about neurotically and appearing to have a mini-orgasm every time he turned one of the dials on his equipment. He pulled drags from his blunt like a marathon runner drinking at a water station.

The English girl was dancing in front of us and throwing her hair back. I could see her peering over her shoulder. I had to check behind me to see if it was someone else she was looking for. All I saw was Theo shaking his head. 

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