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Feb 06, 2019 23:14:49

Radagast #10

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Tim Subiaco

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For once in my life, I was fairly realistic. This was a festival. There was absolutely no way that I was ever going to meet this girl again. There was nothing to lose by being more of myself and being completely honest. 

β€œHey,” I said. β€œI think, um, I think you’re really sweet.”

She looked at me as if she had never heard a compliment before in her life. 

She made an β€œawww” kind of sound, or something like that. Now, you would expect something like that to be painfully cheesy and perhaps some part of me did, but she seemed genuine. Such boundless sincerity that she could make an β€œaww” sound and have me gripped in both infatuation and curiosity. Maybe it was the Radagast.

β€œI have to go now,” she said. β€œI have not meet my parents really early tomorrow morning. But do you have Facebook or something?”

As a matter of fact, I did have Facebook. 

β€œNice raincoat, by the way.” 

I proudly straightened it a bit more.

She smiled, spun around and floated away. I caught a glimpse of the blond ends of her hair through the shoulders of the crowd. 

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