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Aug 10, 2019 23:09:31

Providence [13]

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Tim Subiaco

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“It’s weird man. I haven’t been there since we graduated”

We didn’t say anything as we marched up Thayer Street.

Brown brings in a lot of money and a lot of monies students. Even in the time I had been away I saw the changes, gone were the revving bikers with their boulder bellies and meat cleaver hands resting on their handlebars. Instead grey and fencing, gating off the street to construction of luxury apartments.

I’ve never really felt sorry for bikers before, but in that moment they seemed like endangered buffalo hunted and scattered from their environ. With them gone, who would intimidate the Brown students into shutting up?

Sandwiched between the construction site and a brand new shop lot, the restaurant stood, squeezed and crumbling. We climbed the stairs like pall bearers sombre and in step.

In a different time and in a different world Theo and I would be in another music festival and the song Bloodbuzz Ohio from the National would play under sky and it would be fine. We would trace the planes going in different directions and speak of our different lives. But now the song came back with all the cigarette smoke and the laptop screen and the silence.

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    Do you have a spotify or youtube playlist that you've compiled?

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