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Jul 18, 2019 19:00:01

power no power

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I would like to know what really affects my power during the day. Last a few days it's every day different. Sometimes I am fresh sometimes I am dead (for example today).
Is a good sleep, good breakfast, sometimes I feel it can affect also the dinner from the previous day.
Need to figure it out. Keep the freshness stay longer and my mood stable.
Maybe the boxing makes me tired, but its usually the other way around. I have more strength after exercise.
Have to say I sleep pretty well. I would say the bigger problem is to eat food regularly. I do not eat as much as I should cuz I am lazy to make me something hehe.
And the days at my daily job are so tiring. I do not have any to-dos and tasks set by the manager so all my work is kinda freestyle and I am not really able to do proper work. I need someone who watches over me at least a little bit or have scheduled something in advance.
As I said already I am not the best employee in the world hehe.

Okay, take care.
Stay with me. Efran.

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    In Feb and Mar, I have kept a journal with sleep trackers, habit trackers, and mood trackers to see what make a good day for me (and I quit tracking after achieving).
    My results in priority are sleep and Pomodoro (meditation is recently added).

    - sleep: I bought a professional audio course for improving sleep quality. It's a life-changing decision. After sleeping well and waking up naturally, my day starts in control at a macro level.
    - Pomodoro: Breaking a day into sessions helps me control every 25 minutes at a micro-level. Even if watching videos all day, I won't turn off Pomodoro.

    Only after good sleep and Pomodoro, my to-do lists begin to work in the right way.

    5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 19, 2019 11:18:10
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      @5plus6 I think you should start a youtube channel instead od me, you are productivity master hehe ... I like Pomodoro but first, I need to plan the day ahead and that's a hassle haha...

      Efran avatar Efran | Jul 19, 2019 09:48:43
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      My youtube channel? Never have thought about that...
      I'm not a productivity master, I used a lot of techniques from Atomic Habits, which I read on Feb. An amazing book!!

      Planning ahead, reflecting back used to be the two painful things I avoid to do, but not anymore now.
      Because I stop fooling myself.

      5plus6 avatar 5plus6 | Jul 19, 2019 18:05:01
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    @efran How do you know you sleep pretty well? I say start with sleep first when looking for what's having a positive/negative effect on your overall energy.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 18, 2019 14:06:23
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      @brandonwilson ... I just feel it haha .... yeah the sleeping has a big impact .. the worst is to check the phone during the night, I was struggling with that too but I am getting better.

      Efran avatar Efran | Jul 19, 2019 09:51:32
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