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Aug 07, 2019 13:50:10

Posts on my side projects

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I am sorry in advance, but I am gonna make a little promo again.

First things first.

 On Monday I wrote a new post for Nocodemag. this time again a little general post about websites where you can get some interesting information and inspiring interviews around makers movement. I added some personal point of view about websites. It got some traction on Twitter so all good. Still thinking to add at least one more post a week but do not have the strength yet to write even more.

You can check the post here: 

Where to get some inspiration?

Yesterday I wrote a pretty good post on my personal blog Worktravelenjoy. Ok, at least, I think it's good one :D. I mean it's finally a post I am not really ashamed off haha. I just summarized what is helping me to keep writing and some tips on how to be consistent. Nothing new under the sun but I liked to share some of my thoughts.

You can check it here.

How to write a lot of content and do not get crazy

I am sorry again about the promotion, but who if not me haha.

Take care.


Stay with me. Efran.

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